For You and Mini Giulietta USB

Mini Giulietta USB and For You USB utilise the power of the LED combining it with USB technology to make these two models versatile for multiple uses in different rooms.
Thanks to the use of a power bank, it is possible to move the turned on lamp from one room to another (photo 1). 
It is also possible to attach the power bank, for example under a table, to prevent obstruction and cables visibility (photo 3).
A EU plug for the connection of the USB source to the 100-240V mains is included in the package.


Mini Giulietta USB and For You USB are supplied with touchless optical dimmer with three-intensities of light.
You can switch and dim the light by approaching the sensor, without touching (photo 4). 
The TopLEDs are installed on a board connected to the lamp’s body by means of a jack and a micro-connector; In case of malfunctioning it is enough to disconnect the connector and remove the board for any check, repair or replacement.


For You USB product sheet
Mini Giulietta USB product sheet


Battery and induction versions available soon!